Body Defenders (2018) online

In the not too distant future lives a world plagued by war, a war that has been fought by unknown heroes and villains for millenniums! An endless battle that has been fought since life began deep inside your very own body, has finally reached its climatic reckoning. A dark force has emanated stronger and more powerful than ever before. Chosen to protect the great Republic Of The Human Body are white blood cells led by the reluctant hero Troy and his two companions Herc and Athena. Troy, with no previous battle experience, is forced to put his fears on hold when his entire platoon is eradicated and his great love Athena and her buffoon boyfriend Herc are taken captive by Bacteria. Unbeknownst to Troy, Bacteria plots to march on Heart City and overthrow the Republic of the Human Body. Before the streams of DNA have run out, Troy must confront all of his deepest fears, even if it kills him

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