Charlatan (2018) online

The plot of the Charlatan takes place in halfway through the fifties. In the Czech Republic, in times of communist totality and the consequent materialism, lives a man, to whom dozens of people turn as to their last hope. Jan Mikolásek is a man with no medical education, but gifted with the unique and in fact unexplainable talent for diagnosing and healing even those illnesses which leave doctors helpless. Mikolásek's unusual abilities are, nevertheless, counterbalanced by the fight he has to fight with his own demons. His healer-ship, which is his inner salvation and a protection against his own self, is also the cause for a constant threat from the communist establishment. Mikolásek is arrested, falsely accused, interrogated. In going way back into Mikolásek's past, we slowly uncover the very origin of his healing abilities, and we discover his lifelong traumas and pains and also his homosexuality to which he can't, and, considering the society of his time, mustn't, openly confess. Written by marleneproduction

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